• Daurice Cummings-Bealer

Recognizing FAST

These are some difficult times for people whether you are an "essential worker" or not. When anyone has their entire world changed as significantly and quickly in a short time as the world has this year, many secondary issues begin to appear.

Some people have become depressed and committed suicide while others may wind up with heart attacks and stroke due to the stress of not being able to take care of their families. People are social animals and we are seeing the effects of what happens when you separate them from each other, especially their loved ones.

This pandemic has also frightened people from going to the doctor when they really need to go. It's understandable for some ailments that can be handled at home to choose not to go near a hospital or doctor's office. However, there are people dying from serious health issues such as heart attack and stroke who normally would not have because they would have gone to the doctor.

Would you be able to recognize if someone was having a stroke? Here is an easy acronym to remember that will help you recognize the symptoms of a stroke. If you or anyone you know has the following symptoms, please call 911 immediately and get to a hospital.

FAST F Face drooping: Is your smile uneven or is your face numb? A Arm weakness: Does one arm drift down after being raised? S Speech difficulty: Is your speech slurred or difficult to understand? T Time to call 911: If the answer is YES to any of these symptoms, call 911 immediately.

Please, if you have any health issues such as diabetes, heart conditions, depression, etc. please don't hesitate to get the medical attention you need immediately.

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