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Healthy Summertime Beverages

Updated: Jun 25

I often take CE courses to keep myself updated in medicine. Some are just one day courses and sometimes there may be an entire series in a seminar. I enjoy the seminars because each speaker has a different way of introducing you to whatever the topic is.

One of the seminars I attended was about detoxing your body and maintaining a lower level of toxins in your body through healthier eating. I am a big drinker. I always have juice, lemonade, tea, or a bottle of water in my hand. That can be old and I’ll admit juice isn’t the best to have with all that sugar in it. Besides that, how can I get my grandchildren to drink healthier these days? Store-bought Kool-aid has dyes that can cause agitation in children and the drink pouches have a lot of sugar and I don’t allow soft drinks in our home anymore so what about the children?

Here are two recipes that I tried and found to be really good. My first one is lemonade. Since summer is here and lemonade is my favorite let’s start with this one. I’ll admit I have always made healthy lemonade but this was just a confirmation for me that I was on the right track. I often use Stevia in place of honey so I added the Stevia option to this recipe. I love strawberries and added the fruit. What is better than ice-cold lemonade with fresh strawberries in your glass?

Homemade Lemonade Naturally Sweetened


12-14 Organic lemons 1 ½ c. Honey (or more, to taste)


Stevia (for diabetics who can’t use honey)

Fresh fruit (optional)



Scrub the lemons and peel, trying not to get too much of the white pith. Set the peel aside.

Put 8 cups of water in a large saucepan and add the honey. If using Stevia add later. Stir and bring to a boil, then turn off the heat and add the lemon peels. Let the lemon peels steep, stirring occasionally until the water has cooled.

While the water is cooling, juice the lemons. You should end up with about 3 cups of juice.

Remove the peels from the water and add the lemon juice.

If you stop here, you have lemonade concentrate. You can freeze this in large canning jars and have lemonade-on-demand. Just add ¾ cup of water for every cup of concentrate. Add Stevia when using the concentrate, do not freeze it.

If you can’t wait and want to drink your lemonade right away, add ¾ cup of water for every cup of concentrate used. Add Stevia after it has cooled.

TIP: Add fresh strawberries or any berry really to your glass for color and a healthy treat.

For the children here is a natural “kool-aid” you can easily make:

Natural Kool-Aid


4 teabags Celestial Seasonings Caffeine-free Herbal tea

1 t. Lemon juice (optional)

3 T. Raw honey, or more to taste (optional)




No sweetener at all

4 c. Hot water


Fresh fruit (optional)

Gallon pitcher


In a large pitcher or measuring cup, steep the teabags in hot water for 5-10 minutes. Stir in honey or Stevia if using, until dissolved. Add lemon juice if using. Pour warm tea concentrate in a pitcher over ice. Add more water if desired.

What I love about this recipe is that in the summer you can have it ice cold and in the winter you can serve it warm and it is still delicious.

TIP: Add fresh fruit for extra flavor. Children enjoy a slice of lemon or lime or whatever you have on hand, on the edge of their glass. It makes them feel all grown up and it’s healthy for them.

So, there are two of my favorite beverages that are easy to make and the children love them.

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