• Daurice Cummings-Bealer

A Blessing Told By Aunt Judy

Updated: Mar 9

January is a month full of blessings for our family. We have a few family birthdays spread over the month such as my son Shane and daughter Tiffany, my Cousin Dwight and my Aunt Judy. My Aunt Judy was one of my closest aunts and I have very fond memories with her. Just thinking about her this morning reminded me of a story she told me that I already mentioned before but it's such a blessing to hear I wanted to end the month thinking of my Aunt Judy.

The story was about a faithful salesman and his young family. This story will not only show you what prayer can do, but it will also show you how even when a miracle happens not everyone realizes it is a miracle.

The couple in this story had four young children and the wife was blessed to stay home and care for them. In order for the wife to stay at home and raise the children, the husband had to work very long hours selling insurance. He traveled many miles daily to meet with his potential clients. They were in the process of moving and the wife needed more boxes for packing the house goods.

She asked her husband to pick up more boxes while he was out on the road. Each day he would come home empty handed. He explained to her that he hadn’t passed any places throughout the day that was throwing out boxes. She was getting more and more agitated with him as the time grew closer and closer to moving day.

One day the salesman knew he really needed to bring home the boxes that night to avoid any confrontation. Each time he passed a location for boxes they didn’t have any available. Getting desperate as the time was nearing for him to go home he decided to pray. He asked God to please help him find boxes on his way home.

The very next corner was a red light and he knew this light was longer than normal and he was worried about being even later getting home. As he sat there and prayed harder a truck full of folded boxes passed and the boxes spilled all over the road right in front of him. The driver saw what happened but didn’t stop for the boxes and caused a lane blockage on the road. The salesman was able to clear the road for the cars and collect the boxes for his wife.

He was so excited that he had so many boxes and that his wife would be very happy that she can now pack the rest of the contents of the house. However, as the wife is telling my aunt this story, she didn’t sound very happy. My aunt asked her why was she not happy about the boxes. She said that she wanted her husband to go out of his way to get the boxes and because he didn’t, she felt slighted. I then exclaimed, “Didn’t she see what happened?” Her husband was putting work first in order to pay the bills while trying to aid in her request. He realized he wasn’t able to do it alone and went straight to God himself and asked for help. God recognized his efforts of taking care of his family and made sure that he could fulfill the request by the wife as well. This was a miracle of prayer. This proves that when you ask God for help you shall receive.

I was so enlightened by this story that I wanted to share it with all of you. I wanted to show you yet another story that proves the power of prayer. Just like the story I told called the “Miracle of Ice” it was a small request. Even though it was a small request, it was very important for all involved.

To me, it proves that God doesn’t think that your request is silly or too small for him to be bothered with. It proves that if it is important to you than it is important to God and he will help you.

Remember, no matter what you need, large or small, God will come through. Maybe it isn’t something tangible. Maybe it’s something as simple as guiding you through fear. Whatever it is, just remember to pray often. Not just to ask for guidance but also to thank Him for all that you have or have come through.

In loving memory of Judith Neuwald, January 19, 1940-January 21, 2018.


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