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Making Memories for the Holidays

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Making Memories for the Holidays

Here we are at the end of November and I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Now is the time that we are preparing for Christmas. Many have already put their trees up and are decorating their homes. This is a magical time of year for the children and it’s important to find ways of making those special memories.

For us, we decorated the tree the day after Thanksgiving. Then we would do different activities throughout the season. We would make a gingerbread house, bake cookies for Santa and a special cake for Jesus. One of my most favorite was making dough ornaments. I would bake the ornaments the day before and then we would all gather around the table and decorate them.

There is so much you can do with them and it was so easy. We would paint them and add glitter. You can even scent them with extracts or essential oils to add that holiday cheer when you walk in the door. Cinnamon is a lasting scent that you can enjoy all season.

The recipe for the dough ornament is inexpensive, simple, and will leave them with a lifetime of memories. Here is the recipe and remember you can add extracts, essential oils or even cinnamon powder for a natural holiday fragrance.

Dough Ornament Recipe


1 c. white all-purpose flour

1 c. table salt or ½ c. salt & ½ c. Cinnamon powder

½ c.- ¾ c. warm water


Cookie Cutters, paint, glitter, beads or whatever you want to decorate with.


Mix the flour and salt together. Knead in the warm water until mixed well but not sticky. Roll out to ¼” and cut with cookie cutters. Set on an ungreased cookie sheet and use a straw to poke holes in the top. You will need these holes to pull ribbon through to hang. Bake at 250 degrees for 2-3 hours or you can set out and allow to dry for a couple of days.

Once dry, it’s time to decorate. You can use paint, glitter, and beads or hang them plain. Add a little scent with extracts or essential oils, whatever you have already will be fine.

They also make great gifts for grandparents. Just add your initials and date on the back of the ornaments.

Do you have a favorite holiday memory that you would like to share?

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