• Daurice Cummings-Bealer

Respiratory Health & E.O.'s

This week I had a guest in the studio who suffered from sinus issues. She knew I had suffered from sinus and respiratory issues for years but noticed I was breathing well while she was not. Curious, she asked which medication was I taking? I explained none. I had taken OTC and prescription over the years but have been using holistic medicine the past few years and I have never felt better. “So, what are you using?” she asked. I then asked her how did she like the scent I was using in my office? She found it very refreshing. I then told her I diffuse a blend that supports respiratory health. I also wear a diffuser locket and I carry roll-on blends in my purse. I also showed her that instead of using store bought fragrance sprays I make my own room sprays with the blends that I need at the time. I also explained to her how I not only breathe easier, not only does my air smell better but it does so much more. It purifies the air, helps prevent migraines that I suffer with and helps my brain focus better so that I can get more work done. I made a blend for her and asked her to try it and tell me how she liked it. Before the end of the week she called to advise me, she feels better, and it also kept the mosquitos away from her. She likes to work outside on nice days but had to use bug repellents. She didn’t use the bug repellent because she was concerned it would affect the blend she was using. However, using the blend also kept the bugs away. I explained to her why and she is now in love with using essential oils.

I am going to give you a list of essential oils that are great for respiratory health and you can use either one or two at a time or make your own blend with several.

Balsam Fir: A warm pine scent that eases tightness in your chest.

Basil: Supports overall respiratory health.

Chamomile: Works as an antispasmodic, often used with asthmatics.

*Clove: Reduces inflammation and muscle spasms. Also boosts immune system and has antibacterial properties which are helpful with killing bacteria.

*Eucalyptus: Warm and cooling menthol effect that eases breathing difficulty.

Frankincense: An ancient remedy for almost everything including easing congestion.

Helichrysum: An antispasmodic and can be used as a preventative if used regularly. Treats coughs stimulated by phlegm and prevents allergies.

*Lavender: Sweet and woody scent that eases discomfort.

Lemon: Promotes steady breathing, purifies the air, and boosts the immune system.

*Peppermint: A naturally sweet minty scent that opens sinuses.

Rosemary: Reduces chest achiness.

Remember when I mentioned that my guest noticed mosquitos left her alone. That’s because *clove, *eucalyptus, *lavender, and *peppermint also help repel insects. Talk about double duty.

There are so many blends that you can prepare with such a variety to choose from for respiratory health. You can use as a rollerball blend or add to a salve to rub on the chest.

As always when using essential oils with children you must seek professional guidance. Also, many oils can interact with medications or cause a negative reaction with certain ailments. Be sure to always consult a professional that can help you find the right blend just for you.


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