• Daurice Cummings-Bealer


Which animal causes the most human deaths per year? You may be surprised to learn that it is the mosquito. An average of 725,000 people die from mosquito bites every year. Not from the bite itself, but from the diseases they carry.

Unfortunately, this has hit home for many of us. We have already had West Nile and encephalitis found in the mosquitos in our state. DEET seems to be the ingredient of choice for many and is believed to be safe. Yet it is advised to use with caution when using with children.

I personally never liked the smell or the feel of DEET on my skin. I would spray my clothing instead but felt uneasy using it. So, I set out to find a natural, better scented and feel for a repellent.

I am happy to say I created an all-natural blend with essential oils, carrier oil and witch hazel. You can use the carrier oil of your choice or the witch hazel and you can mix and match your essential oils. I prefer a more feminine scent while my husband prefers a more rugged aroma. It’s so easy that I can make them both in a matter of minutes. The best part is it feels great on my skin.

The first time I tried this blend I was on a camping trip with my church and passed it around. I received compliments on the blend and no one was bitten. I find it works better than any DEET product I ever used, and it smells and feels so much better.

The blend not only keeps the mosquitos away, but it also works with ticks and fleas. There are so many essential oils that are good that you can make endless scents for your mood or season.

Just pick and choose which scents you want to mix and decide if you prefer witch hazel or a carrier oil. You can even use a grain alcohol if you desire. I use a grain alcohol when making a room spray.

If you are using witch hazel instead of a carrier oil you can add a tablespoon of vegetable glycerin to help the ingredients mix together. My favorite carrier oil is coconut, but you can use any carrier oil you prefer.

I am also adding a 10 ml roller blend that will soothe and disinfect bites, burns, scrapes, ringworm, etc. For my grandchildren we chose the oils together and named it (their name or initials) Boo-Boo Care.

I prefer dark colored glass bottles to keep the oils shelf life longer. However, when we go to an event that prevents glass bottles I use PET plastic bottles.

Natural Insect Repellent


10 d. Peppermint

10 d. Citronella

10 d. Lemongrass or eucalyptus

10 d. Lavender or rose geranium

5 d. Thyme or Oregano

*1 T. Glycerin *optional (for binding w/ witch hazel) not necessary w/ coconut oil

Witch hazel fill bottle


Fractionated coconut oil in place of witch hazel

4 oz. amber or cobalt glass or PET plastic bottle.

Other essential oils that work is cinnamon leaf, cedar wood, basil, clove, lemon eucalyptus, orange, pine, juniper, rosewood, and grapefruit.


Add all ingredients, shake well, and add to 4 oz. spray bottles. Spray as needed.

Grams Boo Boo Care


5 d. Tea Tree

5 d. Helichrysum

5 d. Peppermint or lavender

5 d. Vitamin E

Carrier oil of choice Fill rest of bottle.


Add essential oils to 10 ml roller bottle. Then fill rest of the roller bottle to top with carrier oil.

Make sure when using essential oils to use pure oils and never use undiluted on the skin.


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