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Essential Oils & Cancer Part 1

Stress relief and relaxation are terms often used in why people use essential oils and aromatherapy. However, essential oils are used for much more than that. They are often used in medicinal ways and are quite effective for most ailments.

There are essential oils that have been shown to act directly on cancer cells to prevent growth or even promoting cancer cell death. There have been several recent studies that show the possibility of using essential oils to help guide the body in healing and excreting these cells. By doing so we can prevent the growth of cancer.

Like many people I have lost loved ones due to cancer and know others who are currently dealing with cancer. I also had to have cancer cells cut out of my cervix in my late thirties. So this has been a subject of interest for me over the years. When I became interested in essential oils I was elated by the medicinal properties these oils have. It’s the reason I started looking into them.

I started using them for migraines, colds, wound care, respiratory ailments and skin care. I was so impressed by the effectiveness of these oils that I haven’t needed to use over the counter medications since I began using essential oils.

As with anything you use whether for medicinal, hygienic, or cosmetic use, you should always do your homework. In doing so, I have learned how potent and beneficial essential oils are in everything I use daily.

So, imagine how excited I was when I began learning about the possibility of cancer being prevented or even knocked out by people using essential oils. I wanted to know more. I have taken classes with dentist and physicians who have worked with essential oils as well as other plant based therapies and have seen great improvements. So how is it that these essential oils are capable of such wonderful benefits?

I want to share with you my favorite oils for this subject and decided it would be more beneficial to take the time on each of these oils. Therefore, I am going to turn what was supposed to be done in one article into a series. Today I am going to discuss the benefits Frankincense has on preventing and fighting cancer.

Frankincense (Boswellia carteri)

Frankincense is one of my most favorite oils. I have used it for healing wounds, easing aches and pains and in my skin care regimens. It’s great for boosting your immune system and Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine has been using it for treating cancer for years.

Western studies are now proving how valuable frankincense is by using it in traditional medicine. It turns out that frankincense essential oils and extracts have potent anti-tumor activity. While testing frankincense against human pancreatic cancer cells the essential oil was able to cause substantial levels of cancer cell death by inhibiting signaling molecules and cell cycle regulators. This exact effect was also found in another study on bladder cancer cells.

During this same study they tested the effect of frankincense on normal bladder cells and found that frankincense was able to distinguish cancerous cells from normal cells. The studies have also shown that there have been no serious side effects with continuous therapeutic use of frankincense essential oil. In fact frankincense has aided in assisting with side effects of traditional cancer treatments.

For instance, it’s common for brain cancer patients to experience cerebral edema after radiation therapy. It is normally treated with steroid medications which have several side effects. In a 2011 study, frankincense essential oil offered a much safer alternative to this medication. During the study, sixty percent of patients showed an improvement rate of at least seventy-five percent in their level of brain swelling.

The purpose of this series is to share the knowledge that I am learning about alternative medicine. I am not advocating that you quit seeking or stop using traditional medicine. I am sharing so that you know there are other options that can also be worked into your traditional medicine if desired.

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