• Daurice Cummings-Bealer

Cocoa Cola Hacks

I recently received a gift bag for shopping at a local store and in it I received several drink products. A few of them I will use or give away but in it was also two cans of Diet Coke in pretty little boxes. As everyone knows I am not a fan of any diet drink ever for several reasons. I also hate to throw anything out if they can be used and my car battery is already clean. So I set out on a mission to see what else I can do with them. Here is a short list that seems pretty plausible to me.

Now I haven’t tried all of these yet but I was amazed at the great ideas that I found. Here they are:

  1. Ant killer- Pour it on the mound and they will die instead of just moving to another spot. Testing this out as I write this.

  2. Remove grease stains from certain fabrics.

  3. Remove rust by dipping a cloth or sponge in Coke and wipe. This will also loosen a rusty bolt by pouring it on the bolt and watch the magic happen.

  4. Clean oil stains from cement, allow to soak in then hose off. I have seen this work before.

  5. Clean burnt pans or descale a kettle by soaking them a while and then rinse.

  6. Clean bugs off your car bumper.

  7. Shine your pennies by soaking them to remove the tarnish.

  8. Clean your toilet bowl.

So if you are out of the usual item for a job and have some Coke in your pantry now you know what you can use as a substitute.


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