• Daurice Cummings-Bealer

Is America Truly Diverse?

One of the many things I loved about this world and especially about living in America, was that there are so many diverse types of people with different cultures and views. I really thought what an interesting world we live in. I enjoyed meeting all people and learning about other points of view, ways of life, religions, cultures, careers and the list goes on. I may not have always understood or agreed with all of them but it was a pleasure to learn so many things that I would not have ever heard of unless I met such a contrast of people throughout my life.

I have visited a few countries in my life and while I enjoyed my visits the one thing I noticed was that America is probably the most diverse place there is. America, the melting pot, was built by so many different cultures. I have been coast to coast and eaten more of a variety of cuisines than I have in any country I have been to. There are festivals for everyone all over the world and many are celebrated in America due to the people migrating here.

Out of all the ideas I may have had as a child about how our country would “evolve” I never thought it would be like it is today. I had a brighter vision and it has taken a darker turn. People today are less tolerant of differences. Many say they are all about equality as long as you agree with everything they do. Just say you have a slight difference of opinion and then they are ready to hang you. There was a time they would literally hang people just for the color of their skin but now they “hang” you just for having another view. How is that, you ask? By going after one’s livelihood that feeds their family is just another form of hanging. If you take away a persons means of survival you are just as bad as those who took a persons life for just being different.

Now I am not saying that there should not be consequences in certain situations. Yes, some people deserve to be terminated but not for a difference of opinion. We all have a choice where we spend our money, just go elsewhere. It feels as if in America the more your opinion differs, the more uncomfortable or dangerous life becomes for you.

I really don’t have a special solution for bringing people back together. The only way I can see to handle this problem is to just let it be. Agree to disagree. Don’t name call, don’t go after one’s job or family, just do you and let others do them. Remember, America has been a refuge to so many people who were willing to die to make the journey here just so they could be who they wanted to be. As long as we don’t force our traditions, beliefs and opinions on others then we will have a truly diverse country worth fighting for. It’s when we force a certain way of thinking that everyone must conform to that will destroy us. We will then become like so many countries that our ancestors left behind. All the hard work and pain they endured to live where everyone has the opportunity to be themselves will have been in vain.

Romans 12:18

If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.


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