• Daurice Cummings-Bealer

Essential Oil Rollerball Blends

For those of you who are interested in trying essential oils but aren’t sure where to start here are few simple rollerball recipes. I really like using rollerballs because it’s already mixed and ready to go and you can easily carry it anywhere. It’s also really simple for children to use and you don’t have to worry about spills.

I use the 10 ml at home but I also keep the 1 and 2 ml blue rollerballs since they are the perfect size for children to use, takes up little space for on the go and to give away as samples of any new recipes. I also prefer the stainless steel ball because over time the essential oils can deteriorate the plastic ball. They’re really inexpensive to purchase online and easy to put together.

First, you must always use a carrier oil of your choice such as jojoba, grapeseed, almond, argon, avocado, fractionated coconut, rosehip or any other you may like. Always use fractionated coconut oil in rollerballs since it will remain in liquid form.

Second, add the proper amount of essential oil first and then fill the carrier oil to the top, add the rollerball and turn upside down and back up a few times to mix. You can add a label so you know which bottle is for what, such as alert drops, migraine, bites, etc.

Then apply on your wrist, neck, feet or in some instances where you feel the discomfort. I will give special instructions when needed. You can also use less carrier oil for more potency. Always do a patch test for sensitivity and if you take medication check with your doctor first. Some essential oils do not work well with medicine.

These recipes are for a 10 ml rollerball and here are few of my blends with my favorite

choices of carrier oil:

Arthritis Relief (Use sparingly and check with Dr. if you take medications especially NSAIDS)

3 drops Frankincense

5 drops Myrrh

10 drops Orange

Carrier Oil: Coconut

Muscle Aches (Massage into muscle)

6 drops black pepper

6 drops clove

10 drops peppermint

10 drops wintergreen

Carrier Oil: Jojoba

Alert Drops

2 drops cinnamon

5 drops eucalyptus

20 drops lemon

5 drops peppermint

Carrier Oil: Coconut


15 drops lavender

5 drops orange

5 drops roman chamomile

10 drops vetiver

5 drops ylang ylanG

Carrier Oil: Coconut

BooBoo Mix (Apply on abrasions and bites)

10 drops lavender or Eucalyptus

10 drops Melaleuca

10 Rosemary

Carrier Oil: Coconut, Jojoba or Olive

Focus (Attention)

15 drops cedarwood

10 drops peppermint or rosemary

15 drops vetiver

Carrier Oil: Coconut or Grapeseed

As you learn more about the benefits of each oil you’ll want to adapt your own concentration of blends according to your own discretion. Feel free to share any recipes that work for you and your family.


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