• Daurice Cummings-Bealer

Kudos to Steffan Williams

I decided with all of the negativity in the world I needed to write something inspiring with a happy ending. Here is a great story that proves age has no boundaries. I found a story about an incredible eight year old welsh boy. His name is Steffan Williams and managed to save five lives in his hometown in a couple of days. One of his pastimes is paddling along the coast of New Quay, Ceredigion and at the end of August he noticed three people in distress. He paddled over to find an older lady with two teenagers who were trapped at sea by the tide. So he retrieved a dingy by the shore and brought it over to them and towed them back to the safety of the shore. They were grateful as anyone would be and rewarded him with ten dollars. Then a couple of days later while kayaking along the shore he spotted two boys standing on a rock at sea trying to get his attention. Turns out their phones had died and they were trapped on the rock unable to call for assistance. This time Steffan would call the coast guard who then sent a rescue boat out to help the boys. Apparently, there is a campsite near by and tourist use the beach as a shortcut and often become trapped by the rising tide. Luckily, Steffan Williams’s pastime keeps him on the water and was able to help. It would turn out that his father works for the coast guard and Steffan plans on working alongside his father when he turns seventeen. It looks like he is already on his way to a great career and will have plenty of experience by the time he is ready to join. Kudos to Steffan Williams.


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