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Here is an easy way to make your child a DIY excavation kit. Since this recipe calls for glue you will need extra drying time. Items you will need:

1. Play sand

2. Elmer's Clear Glue

3. Sand mold, plastic bin or disposable cup.

4. Mixing bowl

5. Disposable fork.

6. Trinkets to hide: Boys: Small toys Girls: Small gems

Then you’ll want a little tool kit for your child to excavate the trinkets from your DIY gem dig. Here are a few ideas:

*Gel polish removal tool - Digging tool

*Toothbrush or paint brush – Brushes sand off items found.

Next, you will need to:

*Fill the mold with dry sand.Measure the mold full of sand by pouring it into a dry measuring cup and emptying the cup into your mixing bowl as many times as you fill it.

*Add 1/4 bottle of clear glue per cup of sand you use.Mix with the plastic fork until combined. *Pour about half of the sand and glue mixture into your mold. Press in some of the toys or gems. Add the rest of the sand and glue mixture and pat down to level it out.

Now set your mold in a dry place, preferably in a sunny area to quicken the dry time. After a day, you should be able to release the mold. Place it on wax paper just in case it needs more dry time, you can leave it a little longer.

Once it is dry you can wrap it up in special packaging and include the digging tools of your choice. This project is great for a gift, party favor or just rainy day fun time. You may prefer to use a cookie sheet or as we in Louisiana have on hand, a crawfish tray since the edges will keep most of the mess inside.

Trinkets set in mold.

Finished project, using a solo cup.


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