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Aug 28, 2018

Empty Nest


Edited: Aug 28, 2018

As each child moved out of the house I had a plan for each room. What I did not plan for was what I was going to do with my time once the last one was gone. We dream about the peace and quiet, the ease of keeping the home cleaner longer, no more bathroom interruptions or last minute surprises. Truth is, no one ever speaks about how lonely it will get and how much you will miss all of it. After spending some time crying it out when no one was near I decided that this is a time for me. I went back to school and later began my own business. When I decided that I liked being home more I brought my business home too. Now I have worldwide connections and opportunities to fulfill my time that still allow me to make room for family on my own schedule instead of someone else's. How have you handled the empty nest syndrome? For those not there yet, have you considered your future empty nest plan and what is it?